Pan-Arctic Masks

EASE Political Boundaries v1.1 - December, 2006

MaskData FileFieldsViewer
National Mask arcticnation.asc NationCodes.txt National Viewer
Sub-National Mask arcticsubnation.asc SubNationCodes0307.txt SubNational Viewer
Admin. Subdivisions Mask arcticadmincodes.asc AdminCodes0307.txt AdminSubDiv Viewer
Extended Admin. Subdivisions Mask admincod_ext_01.asc AdminCodes_ext_01.txt
Extended Admin. Subdivisions Hybrid Mask admincod_ext_hybrid_01.asc AdminCodes_ext_hybrid_01.txt
Zip Archive (ESRI grid, shapefile, and geodatabase format of above)
ID code description
version 1.2
version 1.0 (Old)

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