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How can I create a histogram of Arctic-RIMS gridded data?

The creation of a histogram of Arctic-RIMS gridded data set can be achieved via the Arctic-RIMS Data Explorer interface. Access to the Arctic-RIMS Data Explorer interface can be found under the "Data" button link off of the main Arctic-RIMS web page.

Users must first choose a time series (Non-Static Data) variable data set from the Data Explorer Variable Picker and then choose a temporal and spatial scale with the Data Explorer Data Cube (See: Tour/Data Cube and Variable Picker). In making a selection within the Data Cube, the Map Display Window in the Data Explorer interface should then redraw to include a map that accommodates the user's selections.

A histogram for a user's selected gridded data can be displayed by choosing the "Histogram" map redraw radio button directly above the Map Display Window in the Arctic-RIMS Map Display Window.

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