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How can I create a time series graph of river discharge station data?

Time series graphs for Arctic-RIMS discharge station data can be accessed via individual discharge station data pages. These pages can be accessed via the Arctic-RIMS Station Lists (river discharge) link found under the "Data" button link off of the main Arctic-RIMS web page. Individual discharge station data pages can be accessed for each station from the Station Lists page by clicking on a station's R-Arctic Net ID within the list. Access to individual station data pages can also be accessed geographically via the Arctic-RIMS Data Explorer interface. Access to the Arctic-RIMS Data Explorer interface can be found under the "Data" button link off of the main Arctic-RIMS web page. Individual station data pages can be accessed via the Data Explorer interface by checking the "Show Operational Sites" and "Show Re-Analysis Sites" check boxes in the Data Explorer interface and then by mouse clicking on site locations as they appear in the Map Display Window.

A discharge climatology graph is displayed by default on each of the discharge station data pages under the page sub-heading of Monthly Climatology and other Graphs. When available, options for time series graphs will be listed with a series of radio buttons to the left of the graph window on the discharge station data page. At most, users will have the option to either display graphs of discharge climatology, archival monthly discharge, archival daily discharge, provisional monthly discharge, provisional daily discharge, provisional monthly stage or provisional daily stage data. Users input begin and end dates can also be supplied to alter the displayed graph. Users should be cautioned that a re-click of a radio button is necessary to redraw a graph if begin or end dates are altered.

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