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How can I create a map of Arctic-RIMS gridded data?

The creation of a map from an Arctic-RIMS gridded data set can be achieved via the Arctic-RIMS Data Explorer interface. Access to the Arctic-RIMS Data Explorer interface can be found under the "Data" button link off of the main Arctic-RIMS web page.

Users must first choose a variable data set from the Data Explorer Variable Picker and then choose a temporal and spatial scale with the Data Explorer Data Cube (See: Tour/Data Cube and Variable Picker). In making a selection within the Data Cube, the Map Display Window in the Data Explorer interface should then redraw to include a map that accommodates the user's selections.

Alterations to a user created map within the Map Display Window can sometimes be made. Users can add Operations and Re-Analysis site river discharge points on the map by clicking on the "Show Operational Sites" or the "Show Re-Analysis Sites check boxes. Some data sets also accommodate other map display options. The static Elevation data set can be displayed as Mean, Minimum, For Maximum elevation by choosing one of the map draw radio buttons that appear directly above the Map Display Window when this data set is loaded. Other draw options for other data sets might also be available via map draw radio buttons above the Map Display Window.

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