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How can I create a time series graph from gridded temporal data?

The creation of a time series graph from an Arctic-RIMS gridded data set can be achieved via the animation tool available through the Arctic-RIMS Data Explorer interface. Access to the Arctic-RIMS Data Explorer interface can be found under the "Data" button link off of the main Arctic-RIMS web page.

The creation of time series graphs of gridded data sets are displayed within a pop-up Window created via the "Time Series Graph for above Dates" button in the Animation Tool. The Animation Tool can be found in the lower right hand corner of the Arctic-RIMS interface when time series data are loaded in the interface (See: Tour/How do I create a map of Arctic-RIMS gridded data?). The animation tool is hidden from the interface when static non-time series, single layer data sets such as Elevation or Soil layers are loaded within the interface. Time series data sets appropriate for the creation of graphs can be graphed over the full temporal range of the data or over a user input temporal range. Some of these data sets include precipitation, radiation, runoff, snow cover, snow water equivalent, temperature, vapor pressure, wind direction and wind speed. Users should be cautioned that when the Arctic-RIMS Data Explorer interface is first opened there will be no animation tool present in the Data Explorer interface because the default data set within the interface is elevation, a static non-time series data set.

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