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System Components and Functionality

Data Cube and Variable Picker

The Arctic-RIMS data cube and variable picker can be found at the top of the Arctic-RIMS data explorer web page. The variable picker allows for users to pick their bio-physical variable of interest by selecting choices from one of seven pull down selection boxes. Each selection box contains one to many sub-choices specific to the selection box major heading. Users may choose from one of many static data sets available in the "Static Data" pull down selection box or choose from one of several variable data set choices such as "Precipitation", "Radiation", or "Temperature".

Once a selection is made by a user in one of the pull down selection boxes they may then choose to which temporal and spatial resolution they wish to explore their data via the use of the data cube. The data cube displays spatial choices along the left hand side and temporal choices along the top. Spatial choices are represented by rows across the front of the data cube and temporal choices are represented by columns. Spatial resolution choices within the data cube include continent, sea basin and watershed choices. Temporal resolution choices include daily, monthly, or yearly time series and daily, monthly, or yearly climateology temporal resolution choices. In order for the user to choose a temporal and spatial resolution the user must click in one intersecting square which represents their choice for both temporal and spatial resolutions. Upon choosing their square of interest, the data browser in the lower half of the Arctic-RIMS data explorer tool will then be redrawn to represent the users variable and temporal resolution choices.

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