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Data Download

In addition to the functionality mentioned above the Arctic-RIMS data explorer page also allows access to the raw data sets and some jpg images within the system via the Arctic-RIMS Data Download Page. This page is accessed through the Data Page link under the main Arctic-RIMS logo on the Data Explorer page. The variable picker and the data cube function in a very similar fashion on the Data Download Page as it does on the Data Explorer page as mentioned above. Once data set variable and a temporal and spatial resolution is specified within the variable picker and the data cube then individual data sample pages can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on its Year/Month, Decade/Year, Decade/Century link. If a user desires all of the data for their variable choice and spatial and temporal choices they can download all of the data sample pages by clicking on the download "all files.tgz" link at the bottom of the Data Download Page.

All Arctic-RIMS Core Data can be access on a single page by clicking the Core Data button on either the Data Explorer Page or the Data Download Page. Each of the core data sets can viewed on a single page and downloaded by clicking on any of the "Download All" "all files.tgz" links on the page.

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